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This is a *digital knitting pattern* - NOT a hand-knit vest for sale! Returns or refunds not accepted.

Introducing the Patch Me If You Can Vest's lighter, fluffier, some might say classier sister! 


Adapted from my best-selling pattern the Patch Me If You Can Vest, the Patch Me If You Can Vest (Mohair Version) is a beginner friendly project, knitted mostly flat in panels using stockinette stitch which are then seamed together. This pattern contains unique design details including a folded cast off for the neck and sleeve trims. You can experiment with using as few or as many colours as you'd like!


You must be comfortable with knitting, purling, casting on and casting off before attempting this pattern. Youtube tutorials for all other techniques are included in the pattern.


The pattern is size inclusive, and has been written for and tested in sizes XS (S, M, L, XL) (XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL).

Patch Me If You Can Vest (Mohair Version)

  • You will need approximately 100g-350g of worsted weight mohair yarn. 
    Approximately 30g-120g of each colour (if using 3 colours).

    The pictured sample was knitted using Knitato, Mohair Cloud.
    Some similar alternatives include:
    - Wool And The Gang, Take Care Mohair
    - Qing Fibre, Melted Baby Suri
    - DROPS, Melody
    - Any mohair yarn that matches gauge (you may need to hold 2-3 strands together)

    You will need both 5mm (60cm cable or longer) circular knitting needles, and 6mm knitting needles (straight or circular). The majority of this piece is knit flat, so you can use circulars or straight 6mm needles, whatever you prefer! You will also need some stitch markers.

    - To fit bust: 70cm
    - Width: 35cm
    - Length: 41cm

    - To fit bust: 75-80cm
    - Width: 40cm
    - Length: 41cm

    - To fit bust: 85-90cm
    - Width: 44cm
    - Length: 44cm

    - To fit bust: 95-100cm
    - Width: 50cm
    - Length: 50cm

    - To fit bust: 110-115cm
    - Width: 57cm
    - Length: 53cm

    - To fit bust: 120-125cm
    - Width: 62cm
    - Length: 59.5cm

    - To fit bust: 130-135cm
    - Width: 67cm
    - Length: 69cm

    - To fit bust: 140-145cm
    - Width: 72cm
    - Length: 75.5cm

    - To fit bust: 150-155cm
    - Width: 77cm
    - Length: 85cm

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