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Meet the Maker

Jaime is a 23 year old independent knitwear designer from Melbourne, Australia. 

Spending her entire childhood in dance classes and competitions, school musicals, singing lessons and concerts, Jaime has always considered herself a creative person. However, it wasn’t until 2018, after she finished school, that Jaime discovered her passion for making her own clothes when she learned to crochet. She picked up knitting a year later, and soon after, Jaime Creates was born!


Joining the online knitting community on Instagram enabled Jaime to share her work with the world and develop her style, giving her the confidence to start designing her own unique, colourful pieces and patterns. Jaime also loves supporting her fellow designers in the online community and regularly purchases and test-knits patterns written by other designers.


Jaime is passionate about conscious consumption and sustainability, therefore, knitting not only serves as a creative outlet and a mindfulness practice for her, but has also empowered her to heavily reduce her consumption of fast fashion. Jaime is a proud feminist and has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Gender Studies. In her spare time, when she’s not knitting, Jaime enjoys playing guitar, belting her favourite Taylor Swift jams, roller skating and (guiltily) going yarn shopping.

Meet the Maker

Why DIY?

DIY fashion is SO in right now. You can make your very own Jaime Creates knit with our digital knitting patterns.


Knitting patterns are a great tool for knitters of all skill levels. Following a pattern gives you an extra sense of security and confidence that your project is going to turn out as you envisioned. Although there is an extensive range of hand-knitting patterns on the market, Jaime noticed that the range of modern, trendy and youthful patterns was significantly lacking, especially considering that knitting has seen a huge rise in popularity amongst young people since the start of the pandemic.

Jaime’s passion for DIY fashion and her desire to fill this gap in the market motivated her to start writing and releasing her own knitting patterns. Jaime’s patterns encourage the knitter to embrace their individual style and experiment with colour to whatever extent will make them feel comfortable and confident.

Jaime strives to make her patterns as inclusive and accessible as possible. All Jaime Creates patterns are suitable for confident beginners, with youtube tutorials included in the patterns for the more advanced techniques. All patterns are size inclusive and have been tested by other knitters before release.

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Why DIY?
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